Kingswood Indoor Outdoor Play Environments

Our Play Environments

At Innovative Early Learning we offer an exciting and stimulating environment, including a beautiful natural outdoor area. Our outdoor play environment features a purpose built rock river, a fruit and vegetable garden, a large sandpit, natural plants that the children love to take care of, varied climbing, play and sports equipment. We utilise our natural environment to nurture children’s love for nature and to learn further about the Australian animals and environment and the purpose they have in the world.

Our outdoor play environment is accessible and safe, giving the children a chance to view wildlife and explore their surroundings, have nature hunts and play group games. Nature play significantly improves all aspects of child development – physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Playing outdoors grows resilience, self-confidence, initiative, creativity and more. We value the learning that takes place in the outdoor area and our children spend a lot of time in this natural space.