Our Bilbies classroom 0-2 years

In our Nursery room at Kingswood Innovative Early Learning, we aim to provide all of our babies and toddlers with a safe, loving and comfortable environment which encourages fun, learning and development.

We understand the importance of routine for yourself and your child and we pride ourselves in being able to offer flexible practices throughout the day where we can mimic the routine that you have started at home.

Within our nursery room we embrace different aspects of play development for babies and toddlers, including:

  • Heuristic play- playing freely in controlled environment
  • Onlooker play- watching and learning from other children
  • Parallel play - alongside and near other children
  • Associative play - beginning to interact with other children
  • Cooperative play - playing together towards common goal

We have put careful thought and consideration into the resources we choose for our children and we follow the Pikler approach with our 0-3 year old’s, utilising wooden Pikler resources. Pikler is based on a respectful relationship between educator and child which promotes naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play opportunities.

All of our babies and toddlers have an opportunity to take part in many exciting and varied experiences throughout the day. Our educators are qualified and very experienced with this age group and strive to ensure that all of the experiences provided are age appropriate and encourage safe and fun exploration.