Our Kookaburra Preschool Classroom 3-5 years

The daily routine is semi structured with age-appropriate activities and experiences designed to challenge and expand capabilities and problem-solving skills. While building upon the children’s interests, our Educators ensure children spend their day engaged in meaningful activities that build persistence, perseverance, problem solving skills and creativity. We encourage the children to share their input into what they would like to learn about which gives us an opportunity to focus on many different learning topics throughout the year.

We endeavour to create a balance of both child led and teacher guided experiences by providing different mediums, materials and guidance which supports the children’s learning and extends on necessary knowledge.

As our children approach the big milestone of turning five, they move into our school readiness programme. Our goal is to have our children well prepared and excited to begin their school life. Confidence, self-help skills and an enjoyment of learning is what we like to equip our pre-schoolers with before they leave. Our environment is well resourced and promotes early literacy, STEM and mathematics concepts.

We also have a connection with Kingswood Park School and children who are preparing to go to school next year participate in their orientation day.