Our Echidna Classroom 2-3 years

In our 2-3 year old classroom our toddlers are engaged in multiple experiences throughout the day and benefit from a well-balanced learning programme through hands-on experiences, which encourage creativity and resilience. It is also our goal to participate in the learning journey with young children, to gain knowledge and to support children in appropriate decision making, and to motivate a love of lifelong learning. At Innovative Early Learning, we understand the importance of learning through play and our children are free to lead their own exploration through meaningful learning opportunities which our Educators provide based on children’s interests.

We support this age group as they rapidly expand on so many skills such as vocabulary, social interactions, cognitive concepts, fine and gross motor skills and the huge milestone of toilet training. Utilising our interest-based programming helps excite their curiosity while providing a supportive environment to explore.

We have put careful thought and consideration into the resources we choose for our children and encourage children to develop naturally and at their own pace. Our team of Educators in the toddler room provide a wide range of activities designed to facilitate positive learning outcomes for children.

All of our babies and toddlers have an opportunity to take part in many exciting and varied experiences throughout the day, with a balance of selected and pre-planned activities. There are shared meal times and mat times each day, where children enjoy music and movement, stories and other fun group activities .