Our Echidna Classroom 2-3 years

In our 2-3 year old classroom our toddlers are engaged in multiple experiences throughout the day which enhance all aspects of their learning and development. Innovative Early Learning understands the importance of learning through play and our educators provide many meaningful opportunities which prompt development and encourage the children to become curious and involved learners.

We support this age group as they rapidly expand on so many skills such as vocabulary, social interactions, cognitive concepts, fine and gross motor skills and the huge milestone of toilet training. Utilising our interest-based programming helps excite their curiosity while providing a supportive environment to explore.

We have put careful thought and consideration into the resources we choose for our children, at Innovative Early Learning we follow the Pikler approach with our 0-3 year old’s and utilise wooden Pikler resources.

Pikler is based on a respectful relationship between educator and child which promotes naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play opportunities.