School Readiness Information

Our School Readiness Programme looks at developing our children’s holistic development. By offering the opportunity to refine age appropriate milestones and we are able to ensure that the child is displaying age appropriate social interactions, play experiences, language, numeracy, emotional development, physical skills, literacy and fine motor skills.

Our School Readiness Programme will cover these elements:

  • Academic skills, including literacy & numeracy
  • Social skills and communication abilities
  • Emotional skills, confidence & independence


Academic readiness is the degree to which a student is prepared for new learning. It is based on both general academic knowledge and specific knowledge within the learning area.

Examples of Academic learning include:

  • Numeracy (numbers, mathematical concepts, measuring etc.)
  • Literacy (letters, name recognition, word recognition etc.)
  • Linguistic (communication, storytelling, discussions)
  • Problem solving
  • Science experiments

Social Skills and Communication Abilities

Social skills focus on the childs readiness to engage with their peers and educators. By offering a wide variety of social and group experiences, we are able to develop the childs ability to extend their ability to engage in reciprocal interaction with others (either verbally or non-verbally) while also compromising with others and to becoming aware of social cues and norms.

Communication skills include the ability to vary speech style, take the perspective of others, understand and appropriately use the rules for verbal and nonverbal communication, and use the structural aspects of language to accomplish these goals.

Emotional skills, confidence & independence

As children grow, they learn to regulate their emotions and feelings. As part of our school readiness programme, we focus on our children’s ability to develop their emotional and independence skills while also providing the opportunity to become confident in their actions and developing their holistic skills.

Examples of Social and Emotional Skills Include:

  • Displaying self-control.
  • Expresses feelings with words.
  • Listens and pays attention.
  • Pride in accomplishments.
  • Has a positive self-image.
  • Asks for help when needed.
  • Shows affection to familiar people.
  • Aware of other people’s feelings.