Our Philosophy

What we stand for

Your child will receive the highest quality care and education at Innovative Early Learning. Our aim is to become a part of your extended family – enabling you to entrust the care of your children to people who will love, nurture and educate them. Your child’s optimum development is our focus and we provide the very best in Early Childhood Education.

Our commitment to love, nurture and educate guides us in all aspects of our decisions and actions and underpins our practice.


At Innovative Early Learning we believe in providing every child with a home away from home environment where they are loved and supported as they become competent and confident learners and secure in their sense of belonging. We recognise each child as an individual and every child will experience an empowering curriculum which enhances all areas of their learning and development.

We understand that play plays a crucial and significant role in igniting and stimulating a child’s love of learning which in turn prepares them for success in life. At Innovative Early Learning we believe in nurturing children’s imaginations and learning through meaningful and purposefully chosen resources that link with many types of play; open ended natural materials, real life resources and loose parts are very significant within our service, the resources we provide are both practical and developmental and assist our children to develop their abilities while fostering their independence and autonomy.

Our qualified and experienced teachers are a valued resource and are committed to providing high quality education and are flexible and open to change which facilitates continuous improvement. We value the contribution and role played by families and believe this is an integral component of our service as we use open communication to build reciprocal and responsive relationships with each child and their family. Our teachers engage in responsive and respectful practice which is embedded into our daily routines, our teachers are influenced by John Dewey’s theory and the value of hands-on learning, we incorporate this with interactive learning experiences within our daily curriculum and believe when children are actively engaged it enhances their learning experiences. Our teaching pedagogy is also guided by the value of developing executive function, higher order and critical thinking skills and the importance this plays in children’s development. Positive self and cultural identity are an essential aspect of our beliefs, a child’s well-being is recognised as a crucial aspect of children’s learning and development and linked to a child’s sense of belonging in their environment, we respect and recognise each child’s culture and family backgrounds and we strive to support each child holistically with collaborative relationships with our families while actively promoting each child’s individual culture, abilities, interests and ways of being.

Our programme is child initiated and each child is an active participant in our curriculum, we use the Early Years Learning Framework and place emphasis on children taking an active part in daily decision-making processes, our children’s thoughts, ideas and decisions are acknowledged and respected. We foster creative thinking and empower our children to feel valued and in control of their own bodies from a young age which builds resilience, self-confidence and sets them up to possess positive decision-making skills for their future. We promote children’s exploration of themselves, their peers, the environment, learning experiences and social connectivity, this provides opportunities to enhance the children's growth on all levels of being; emotional, social, cognitive and physical and to create confident and competent learners for the future.

We provide a safe and healthy environment where an awareness of the natural world and children’s connection to it is an essential focus, children are invited to construct knowledge which develops an appreciation of the environment and its relationship to their world, this is embedded into our curriculum by implementing environmental practices with children, this then becomes a platform from which children’s curiosity can develop into sensitivity toward the natural world.