We provide daily online updates and documentation for our families

We understand how important communication is between our team and our families which is why we use Storypark for online documentation, weekly family newsletters, updates and also our daily journal where you gain insight into what your child has been involved in during the day and how much fun they are having.

Storypark is a secure, private online space to ensure your child receives the best support possible and that you are involved and up-to-date with your child’s development.

Storypark provides each child with an online community which you (their parent/guardian) own and control and you have access for as long as you wish.

Storypark helps educators, children and families:

  • Improve understanding of your child’s interests and abilities so they receive even better support
  • Deepen relationships and strengthen communication
  • Share videos, photos and text capturing your children’s learning and development
  • Create a portfolio of your child’s learning that travels with your child and can be accessed by you forever
  • Reinforce experiences and deepen children’s learning
  • Capture family culture and heritage
  • Involve the children in their portfolio
  • Interact quickly and effectively through iPhone, Android and tablets
  • Create smooth transitions when your child moves from one educator/centre to another.

You can choose to add your own stories or leave comments and feedback for children and our teaching team. You can also choose to share these stories with family members if you wish. We hope that you will invite your extended family so that the children have an authentic audience who are genuinely interested in their learning.